About us

Poley Corporation is a small to medium business that will in time, expand to a large infrastructure globally. The Director Quintin Poley originally started in the Security Electronic Industry as a technician. He has worked himself through the ranks until Management overseeing various aspects. Over the years, he has obtained various certifications within his field and has worked for a number of Corporate Companies. He brings with him 15 years field experience to the business. 


Poley Corporation has a focus point whereby client is key. We specialize in various Products to bring to the market, innovative technology and even old school technology for the individuals that have trusted specific products. The limitations is the availability, however Poley Corporation will still attempt to source.


Poley Corporation is not to oversell just for income and or the bottom sales line, but to advise what Product can be best utilized to compliment the client.

We provide systems from Building Management Systems (BMS) to ordinary security, access control, intrusion detection, surveillance, automation, solar solutions, wireless and wired networking, perimeter fencing. We also provide Service Level Agreement (SLA) as well as just the maintenance of an existing system.


Finance options are also available.